Home Depot, the prominent US hardware store chain, is now offering Tiny Houses for sale online, priced at just $44,000. These tiny houses are seen as a solution to various crises in the United States. In Germany, the trend of embracing tiny houses is accompanied by financial risks due to the intricacies of German law.

Although it occupies a modest 50 square meters, this small dwelling is undeniably impressive. The “Getaway Pad” boasts a sunlit bedroom, a bathroom filled with natural light, and a kitchen-living room combination. A spiral staircase attached to the exterior wall leads to a rooftop terrace with seating, and there’s even a miniature kitchenette.

The creation of this house doesn’t stem from the individual effort of an architect. Home Depot, the US hardware store chain, now sells these mini houses in bulk through their own online shop. Priced at a reasonable $43,832 (equivalent to around 41,000 euros), the mini house can also be purchased through monthly installments, with curbside delivery included.

This unique product transforms a major hardware store chain into a house retailer, albeit within the realm of so-called “tiny houses.” These houses maximize the utilization of minimal space.

HomeDepot Tiny House

However, residents need not make significant compromises. These mini houses feature a bedroom, a kitchen, and a private bathroom.

Safety-wise, these compact residences are said to be on par with traditional single-family homes. Home Depot claims that the “Getaway Pad” is resistant to earthquakes, storms, and tornadoes, designed to withstand the challenges presented by Mother Nature.

In recent years, the United States has witnessed the emergence of a genuine movement advocating for living in small houses. Individuals are driven either by environmental concerns or the desire to keep living expenses in check. The hardware store’s housing solution has captivated Americans, leading to a several-week waiting period for delivery.

The affordability factor plays a significant role in attracting a multitude of people. Rental and mortgage rates have skyrocketed in recent times. Even though property prices in the US experienced a slight dip, the average cost of an American house remains just below the record prices set in August of the previous year.

According to data from the US real estate broker Zillow, the current value of residential buildings, encompassing all construction types, stands at approximately $339,000. Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this figure was a mere $243,000. Experts forecast an additional five percent increase throughout the year.

In states where real estate markets are particularly tight, tiny houses are emerging as the only affordable alternative. Even the government recognizes this issue; California is currently investing around $30 million in constructing 1,200 small houses to address homelessness. In that state alone, over 170,000 individuals live on the streets due to their inability to afford

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