Living in a Tiny House has become increasingly popular around the world, and Belgium is no exception. However, regulations regarding Tiny Houses in Belgium vary depending on the region you reside in. In this article, we’ll go over the regulations for Tiny Houses in Wallonia, Brussels, and Flanders.

Tiny Houses in Wallonia

Since September 2019, the Tiny House has been recognized as a light habitat in Wallonia. This means that it is considered in the same category as wooden huts, trailers, and yurts. However, there are certain criteria that the Tiny House must meet in order to be recognized. These include:

  • Being movable and removable
  • Having a low weight and reduced volume
  • Not being on a foundation
  • Not being connected to electricity, gas, or water networks
  • Being self-built
  • Having a limited footprint
  • Not having a floor

Despite meeting these criteria, a building permit is still required to build a Tiny House in Wallonia. However, the procedure has been relaxed since you are exempt from calling on an architect. It is important to note that the Walloon Code of Housing of Sustainable Housing only applies to places that serve as residences for users and not as tourist accommodation. If you respect the urban planning rules, you are allowed to live there, otherwise you will get a provisional domiciliation.

Tiny Houses in Brussels and Flanders

Unlike Wallonia, there is no legal framework for Tiny Houses in Brussels and Flanders. However, you still need a planning permit and must respect the Regional Planning Regulation, especially concerning the area and ceiling height of the Tiny House.

In Brussels, the Brussels Housing Code mentions “itinerant” housing, but there are no clear details on the subject. Regardless, a building permit is mandatory beyond 5 m2.

In Flanders, a permit is required if the construction exceeds 6 m2. The Flemish region partially recognizes “trailers and other forms of experimental housing”. If you are considering a Tiny House project in Flanders, it is best to contact our team to discuss the regulations in your specific area.


In conclusion, regulations regarding Tiny Houses in Belgium are not consistent throughout the country. While Wallonia recognizes the Tiny House as a light habitat, Brussels and Flanders do not have a legal framework for it. Regardless of where you live in Belgium, it is important to research and understand the regulations and obtain the necessary permits before building or residing in a Tiny House.

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